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a bunch of likes and interests of mine

Which OC shall become a bloated blueberry next? Voting ends August 31st. 

42 deviants said Losa Doomweaver (Drider drow potioneer)
38 deviants said Mawathra Hornehide (Formerly blimped dwarf)


Toon Balloonification
Toon Balloonification Spell
Equip Spell

This card can be activated only when "Bickuribox" or "Dark Rabbit" and "Toon World" are on your side of the field.  The amount of life points you pay to activate "Toon World" becomes 0.  Equip either "Bickuribox" or "Dark Rabbit" with this card.  Once during either players turn you can special summon as many Toon monsters as possible from your deck, hand, or graveyard in face-up defense position.  If you do, the attack of all the special summoned Toon monsters becomes zero.  Add half of the special summoned Toon monsters combined original attack and add it to their defense.  Also add half of their combined original attack to the monster that is equipped with this card to its attack.  Each turn place one spell counter on one of the special summoned toon monsters (max 5).  Increase the defense of the card equipped with this card by 500 points per spell counter.  When the maximum amount of spell counters on any given monster remove them from whichever Toon monster and inflict 200 points of damage to your opponents life points per spell counter removed.  The monster that the spell counters were removed from is then shuffled back into the deck.  When "Toon World" is destroyed, destroy this card as well.

Visual representation of card effects:
Bickuribox or Dark Rabbit get a brown sack.  As more Toons appear, they blow up and expand (like the old cartoon gag).  As they drop things the equipped monster picks them up and stuffs the dropped items into the sack.  When the maximum amount of spell counters is reached on any given Toon monster, the ballooned Toon monster rapidly deflates. It flies about the playing field, and finally falls back into its card which is then shuffled into the deck.

Wow this took a long time to complete.  Some of you will remember a while ago, I drew what I thought the Harpie Ladies would look like if there were a Toon version:
Harpie Toon Lady 1 by Nfl8or  Harpie Toon Lady 2 by Nfl8or  Harpie Toon Lady 3 by Nfl8or

I wanted to explore that old cartoon gag, but never really got around to it, until a few months ago when the idea popped into my head to make a card art of such a gag.  Just for the hell of it, I added in the effect I think it would have, both strategically and how it would appear on the playing field with the holograms from the show.  Thank you so much for the 1,000 watches, here's a reward many of you should enjoy :)
Which OC shall become a bloated blueberry next? Voting ends August 31st.
42 deviants said Losa Doomweaver (Drider drow potioneer)
38 deviants said Mawathra Hornehide (Formerly blimped dwarf)
Mawathra Hornehide
Name: Mawathra Hornehide
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Cup size: B cup (after being inflated and subsequencially deflated due to an experiment D cup)
Weight: 89 pounds
Height: 4'6"
Hair color: Red-orange
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Dark tan
Nipple color: Tan
Likes: Drinking, smoking, mining, humming
Dislikes: Last call, the sun
Bio: It was a warm summer night, crickets chirping their melody as Mawathra emerged from her shire house.  Her pale skin glistened in the moonlight as she walked to the well to fetch herself some water.  "Oh, it's such a nice night to be a'miner." she sang to herself.  Her notes struck a chord with the crickets.  They almost began to augment their usual song to her phrasing.  Noticing the change that she brought about in the chirping insects melodic song, she continued her improvision.  "Goin' ta' dig up some lost thin's or..." she continued, "some gems, or some gold, or a pretty pink bow...Ta give to my sweetheart tonight.".Mawathra finished her song and bowed to the orchestra of crickets.  She finished her chore and walked back into her home.
Meanwhile, mere miles away, a horde of drider scouts was on it's march.  Pillaging and destroying any and all settlements they came across.  "Who dare challenge us?" a loud voice called through the night, "For we are the very darkness no light may penetrate.".  An axe was flung toward the source of the voice, it was quickly dodged.  "I do!" shouted a gruff grunt standing as tall as the dwarf could.  "Aye, and whom would you be?" hissed the general of the abominable horde.  "I be Hurseg Hornehide," the bearded colonel, "And I don't permit yeh to cross these lands.".  "Try and stop us halfling, or we shall tear you asunder." the general said challenging the dwarf to armed combat.  "So be it." the dwarf said gritting his teeth picking up his axe.  The two high ranking soldiers charged at each other, weapons in hand.
"Hm, hmhm, hmhm." Mawathra hummed a tune as she washed her fathers clothes.  Perched upon a stool, she suddenly heard tempered steels clash.  She got up and ran toward the familiar grate of metal.  Hiding behind a tree, she saw her father going toe-to-toe with a drider.  What was more was that he was winning.  The abbarations blades were shattered to pieces, his armor cracked under the punishing blows Hursegs axe was dealing.  In her oblivious pursuit of a better view of the battle, she stepped on a twig, alerting the horde to her presence as it snapped.  "Grab her!!!" the general hissed at his lackeys, just before a dwarven armor clad fist collided with his nose.  "Eeep!!!" Mawathra screamed as one of the arachne soldiers dove at her.  She dodged her would be capture just in time to stumble into another of the centaur-like creatures grasp.
The drider general regained what little composure he had, picked up a shard of his black steel blade, and held it to Mawathras neck.  "Surrender now, or else this one dies right now, slowly, and intimately." he threatened.  "What makes you think I care about her?" Hurseg said trying to hide his concern for his daughter.  "Oh, I can tell." the general hissed wiping away blood from his broken nose, "It's the way you look at her.  I should think this pretty thing is close to your heart, like a wife, or perhaps... a daughter.".  That broke Hurseg.  The dwarf broke down realizing his ruse had been upended.  "Alright, I surrender." he sobbed, "Now keep your end of the bargain and release her to me.".  "Oh, no." the drider chortled cruelly, "I said she wouldn't die right now.  Nothing was said of releasing her.".  "You...You're monsters!!!  The whole lot of ya'!!!" Hurseg shouted tearfully, "You're victorious through deceit only, and have the audacity to call us craven scum!!!  Curse you and all your gods!!!".  "Aww, there, there.  I'll give you a moment to say goodbye." the general said spinning his craven webs around Mawathras hands. 
Don't worry daughter of mine," Hurseg whispered to his daughter holding back tears, "I'll find you if it be the last thing I ever do.".  "I love you papa." she said unable to hold her tears back.  She leaned into her fathers beard and sobbed.  The dwarf hugged her tightly and whispered his fare well into her ear.  "Hya!" yelled the stationed whipper cracking his whip on the horses rump, causing the carriage transporting Mawathra to be pulled.

Description: Mawathra Hornehide, daughter of Hurseg Hornehide is a dwarf lass with a talent to make up lyrics on the spot.  She was captured and used as a bargaining chip to afford victory for a particularly vindictive drider general.  Her body was at one point inflated to unnatural proportions.  She has since been deflated with residual effects on her body being larger breasts, a more pronounced belly, and a bigger rump.
And the next one to become a blueberry will be ... Ayesha!  A new poll will be up as soon as I get Mawathras reference picture done and uploaded.


Nfl8or's Profile Picture
Some guy some where
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello. I am an artist with a taste for female expansion. I don't draw guys inflated, so please don't ask me to. I do not do requests or commissions. I do not do scat. Art trades I will do if you're willing to trade with me. Also I do not roleplay. Please enjoy my gallery.
Rules of mine:
Always be respectful
Try my best
I don't do gifts for those whom I currently have a trade with
Have fun.
I would like to say that most of the stuff such as birthday gifts and trades are nearly finished, but that would be in a perfect world.  In reality however, I am procrastinating by drawing my OCs as blueberries.  Bottom line is I'm stressed and drawing my lasses as berried as possible helps to relieve my stress.  I would like to ask anyone who is passing by to vote on which one will be next as for one of them I have a 3 parter in mind. Other than the ones below who are already done or are being done please vote as freely as you like.

OC Berry thing voting open:
1. Angie: You Are What You Eat
2. Olivia: Demeters Anger
3. Bremon: Berry Summonce Surprise
4. Jordi: Spiked Drink
5. Nadia: Rolling The Marathon
6. Alamoya: Desert Berry
7. S.L.U.S.E.H.: Breaking The Rule
8. Demonia: Blowing Bubbles
9. Milly: The Blue Milkshake
10. Vanessa: Bloody Cure
11. Fasherah: Blue Harvest
12. Cecilia: Berried In the Bay
13. Jaitia: Just A Single Prick
14. Andromeda: Blue Moon Times Two
15. Danielle: The Last Wish Granted
16. Kate: Blu Brew At O'flation Tavern
17. Lilly: Cross Pollination At Its Finest
18. Hannah: Thorny Vines Of Olympus
19. Ericka: Nice Day For A Blue Fitting
20. Gelyna: Blue Bakery
21. Carmen: Alter of the Fruitful
22. Abigail: The Blue Spotted Soap
23. Tracy: Blue Berry Blast
24. Lillith: In the works :)
25. Marrianne: In the works :)
26. Megan: In the works :)
27. Ayesha: In the works :)
28. ?
29. ?
30. Michelle:In the works :)
30a. Deep Blue Sea (part 1 of 3)

Trade list slots: closed for now
Ones I'm working on now:
:iconshifter124: Saiya hourglass expansion
:icondimensional-expander: Lady of Faith inflated
:iconask-blueberry-leone: Sawako Bluberried
:iconvivere-sectam: Big Bootied Bianca
:iconverrukaiser: Mikaela normal/partial berry + one of my OCs full blueberry = Makeout sesh
:iconopenminded20: Nao inflating Mio and Yuna with Yumi hugging Yunas belly
:iconviolin100: Girlfriend inflated

Completed in the near future:
:icondanixdrak: His OCs sumoified
:iconkibzz: OC Spike being stuffed by OC Raven
:icondani-eel: Jedi Sentinal Bastila-Shan with more meat on her bones
:icongingerbreadgirl89: One of her OCs in my style
:iconcrimsonlantern11: Queen Seqila force feeding Gira
:iconwhite-jacketed-fool: OC Sunny inflated
:iconsomeboy101: Lisa, Beautrice, and Debra with huge hips and fairly large butts
:iconsergy92: Princess Bubblegum, Marcaline and Fiona inflated
:iconisis-the-kitsune: Gilda Sinn expanded
:iconcalmingscene: Sabine and Hera pregnant
:iconmotol: Matsuri Berry being juiced by Ericka
:iconhorrorempress: Auriel and Spectre (fat/H2O expansion) snuggleing
:iconslash-pseudo: Something with Selona
:iconheiseigoji91: Little Mermaid inflated
:icondotintheparadox: OC flustered by breast expansion
:icon666zarike: Devina & Bremon Butt Bump
:iconbrunicus: OC having experienced massive breast expansion
:icondarkfireballz: Panty Weighing herself on recently broken scale
:iconamethystdreamernat: Merida inflated
:icongizesnumbers: Bremon, and Olivia Alraunized by Lilly who is a fruit
:iconchuckmanx: Superhero Jen BE
:iconrussellclark: Nia and Yoko berries
:iconthecafebaltic: Fat Elizabeth from Bioshock
:iconmachinequeen: Auntie, Tatiana, and Grandmother inflated
:iconjuacoproductionsarts: Adult Kathaly and OC of mine experiment
:iconkreat-like-crete: Pogge Inflated
:iconnepuofinflation: Asuka and Homura inflated
:iconboman100: Cassidy pumped by Natsuki

My end done:
:iconvolvom: OCs Tiaris and Soraja having some fun (sexual)
:iconzucca-xerfantes: 3-4 picture series of Aires inflating


I have many characters:

OC References:
Alamoya Queen of Djinnial
Cecilia the Sea Naga
Danielle Djinn
Ericka Eredar
Fasherah Wood Fairy
Gelyna The Goblin Mechanic
Hannah Harpius
Jaitia of the Prehistoric Jungle
Kate Of Uptolian
Lilly Loti
Mawathra Hornehide
Megan Ookina Utsukushi Hana
Michelle Mermaid
Vanessa Van Vamp


Heyo Bucko! Thanks for the watching! Hope to have some stuff up soon ^^
Mon May 22, 2017, 2:13 PM
thanks for dat watch
Sun Jul 10, 2016, 2:52 PM


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Aug 16, 2017
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Aug 16, 2017
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Aug 16, 2017
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Aug 16, 2017
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