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Nfl80r by ThePumpMasterFlate
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Dirty and Beauty -- Crescendo by Carnivalous
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Dirty and Beauty -- Crescendo :iconcarnivalous:Carnivalous 24 2
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Floating Bremon Balloon :iconspit-fire233:Spit-Fire233 29 2
Strike! by smile-flight Strike! :iconsmile-flight:smile-flight 19 4 Demonia by PneumaticaCutie Demonia :iconpneumaticacutie:PneumaticaCutie 12 0 Lillith by PneumaticaCutie
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Lillith :iconpneumaticacutie:PneumaticaCutie 9 0
Umami the true Calorie Killer by TechtonicPressure Umami the true Calorie Killer :icontechtonicpressure:TechtonicPressure 117 18 Calorie Killers: Main Characters by TechtonicPressure Calorie Killers: Main Characters :icontechtonicpressure:TechtonicPressure 44 16 Inflatrix - color by Kreizen
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Inflatrix - color :iconkreizen:Kreizen 44 0
Bremon gets berried by ThePumpMasterFlate Bremon gets berried :iconthepumpmasterflate:ThePumpMasterFlate 22 3 GCMP II: Conclusion by beltpop
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GCMP II: Conclusion :iconbeltpop:beltpop 354 18
Tight Spaces by LordAltros Tight Spaces :iconlordaltros:LordAltros 1,002 39 Juggalos Applicant: Jay by SpiralingStaircase
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Juggalos Applicant: Jay :iconspiralingstaircase:SpiralingStaircase 281 3
a bunch of likes and interests of mine


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Some guy some where
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello. I am an artist with a taste for female expansion. I don't draw guys inflated, so please don't ask me to. I do not do requests or commissions. I do not do scat. Art trades I will do if you're willing to trade with me. Also I do not roleplay. Please enjoy my gallery.
Rules of mine:
Always be respectful
Try my best
Have fun.
I would like to say that most of the stuff such as birthday gifts and trades are nearly finished, but that would be in a perfect world.  In reality however, I am procrastinating by drawing my OCs as blueberries.  Bottom line is I'm stressed and drawing my lasses as berried as possible helps to relieve my stress.  I would like to ask anyone who is passing by to vote on which one will be next as for one of them I have a 3 parter in mind. Other than the ones below who are already done or are being done please vote as freely as you like.

OC Berry thing voting open:
1. Angie: You Are What You Eat
2. Olivia: Demeters Anger
3. Bremon: Berry Summonce Surprise
4. Jordi: Spiked Drink
5. Nadia: Rolling The Marathon
6. Alamoya: Desert Berry
7. S.L.U.S.E.H.: Breaking The Rule
8. Demonia: Bubble Gummed Berry
9. Milly: The Blue Milkshake
10. Vanessa: Bloody Cure
11. Fasherah: Blue Harvest
12. Cecilia: Berried In the Bay
13. Jaitia: Just A Single Prick
14. Andromeda: Blue Moon Times Two
15. Danielle: The Last Wish Granted
16. Kate: Blu Brew At O'flation Tavern
17. Lilly: Cross Pollination At Its Finest
18. Hannah: Thorny Vines Of Olympus
19. Ericka: Nice Day For A Blue Fitting
20. Gelyna: Blue Bakery
21. Carmen: Alter of the Fruitful
22. Abigail: The Blue Spotted Soap
23. Tracy: Blue Berry Blast
24. Lillith: The Scent Of Blue
25. Maria: In the works :)
26. Megan: In the works :)
27. Ayesha: In the works :)
28. Losa: In the works :)
29. Serena: In the works :)
30. Natalie Hance: In the works :)
31. Marie Onnette: In the works :)
32. Solariah: In the works :)
33. Lunarah: In the works :)
34. Stellarah: In the works :)
35. Marissa: In the works :)
36. Morgan: In the works :)
37. Marci: In the works :)
38. Maree: In the works :)
39. Juniper: In the works :)
40. Mawathra: In the works :)
41. Suli: In the works :)
42. Dini: In the works :)
43. Layla: In the works :)
44. Zestral: In the works :)
45. Michelle:In the works :)
45a. Deep Blue Sea (part 1 of 3)

Trade list slots: closed for now
Ones I'm working on now:
:iconopenminded20: Nao inflating Mio and Yuna with Yumi hugging Yunas belly
:iconviolin100: Girlfriend inflated
:iconspit-fire233: Taylor Swift blimp
:iconthepumpmasterflate: Meghan and Hannah Dundee berried

Completed in the near future:
:icondanixdrak: His OCs sumoified
:iconkibzz: OC Spike being stuffed by OC Raven
:icondani-eel: Jedi Sentinal Bastila-Shan with more meat on her bones
:icongingerbreadgirl89: One of her OCs in my style
:iconcrimsonlantern11: Queen Seqila force feeding Gira
:iconwhite-jacketed-fool: OC Sunny inflated
:iconsomeboy101: Lisa, Beautrice, and Debra with huge hips and fairly large butts
:iconsergy92: Princess Bubblegum, Marcaline and Fiona inflated
:iconisis-the-kitsune: Gilda Sinn expanded
:iconcalmingscene: Sabine and Hera pregnant
:iconmotol: Matsuri Berry being juiced by Ericka
:iconhorrorempress: Auriel and Spectre (fat/H2O expansion) snuggleing
:iconslash-pseudo: Something with Selona
:iconasylusgoji91: Little Mermaid inflated
:icondotintheparadox: OC flustered by breast expansion
:icon666zarike: Devina & Bremon Butt Bump
:iconbrunicus: OC having experienced massive breast expansion
:icondarkfireballz: Panty Weighing herself on recently broken scale
:icongizesnumbers: Bremon, and Olivia Alraunized by Lilly who is a fruit
:iconchuckmanx: Superhero Jen BE
:iconrussellclark: Nia and Yoko berries
:iconthecafebaltic: Fat Elizabeth from Bioshock
:iconmachinequeen: Auntie, Tatiana, and Grandmother inflated
:iconjuacoproductionsarts: Adult Kathaly and OC of mine experiment
:iconkreat-like-crete: Pogge Inflated
:iconnepuofinflation: Asuka and Homura inflated
:iconboman100: Cassidy pumped by Natsuki
:iconjessejs: Water inflated Filia from Skullgirls
:icontechtonicpressure: Umami plump and proud
:iconkryten51: OCs 
:iconslifer-x000: Lego Batgirl and Koko inflated

My end done:
:iconvolvom: OCs Tiaris and Soraja having some fun (sexual)
:iconzucca-xerfantes: 3-4 picture series of Aires inflating
:iconamethystdreamernat: Merida inflated

:iconthepumpmasterflate: instagram girls

Request slots:
1. :iconsamurai-of-lazer: Mooberry
2. :iconElCidDeMeastro: Beacon O'Hope Ballooned
3. :iconyeahshippo: Options: Big Bootied dragoness and cat girl yelling at each other or two two cat girls keeping each others balance

OC References:
Alamoya Queen of Djinnial
Cecilia the Sea Naga
Danielle Djinn
Ericka Eredar
Fasherah Wood Fairy
Gelyna The Goblin Mechanic
Hannah Harpius
Jaitia of the Prehistoric Jungle
Kate Of Uptolian
Lilly Loti
Losa Doomweaver
Marissa Mermaid
Marrianne Rinkler
Mawathra Hornehide
Megan Ookina Utsukushi Hana
Michelle Mermaid
The Seraphim Sisters
Vanessa Van Vamp


And the requests are closed.  Thank you for being quick about your askings, they're in the que.
I've hit a mile stone here, having 1,111 watchers.  So the first 3 watchers to send me a note will get a free gift request.
Status of projects:
Blueberry Bonanza: Marrianne is colored/shaded as well as her drunken company.  Background and highlighting is next.
Balloonation Batch 9: Nearly done.
Beach Blimps 2: Not even started yet.
Welcome to the Funhouse 1: Ghost sketch nearing completion.
Trade with :icongizesnumbers:: Not officially on a canvas but it's stewing in my head.
For foliage Bremon shall have Rafflesian petals, and Olivia will have that of the Lily.  Thanks to those who voted
I just saw the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer and 2 things came to mind:
1. How could they not call it Ralph Wrecks the Internet?
2. That poor bunny.
64 favs in a day, wowsa!!! You lot must like scantily clad women at the beach blowing up, although the lack of comments says otherwise.  The next one is Michelle, as soon as I finish up my current project pictures.
Beach Blimps 1 - Too Many Bubbles by Nfl8or
Status update on what I'm working on:
Trade: Ghost outline done, lining on full oppacity nearly complete.
Personal projects:
Blueberried Bonanza: Shading in transit
Balloonation Batches: Shading in transit
Beach Blimps: Finishing touches being put into it
New OC ref. pictures: Not even started yet
So my character will have inflated whilst sunbathing.  I can work with that.  After all, what happens when a gaseous substance is heated?  It expands ;)
Ever accidentally start a project early?
I was doodling trying to break an art block last year, and I thought to myself, "Hey this is a good shape for one of my personal projects.".  I saved the shape and tonight started to give it more detail, and long story short I've begun project #1 on my list.  A poll regarding it shall soon follow this status.
To avoid any confusion like that that was experienced earlier tonight, I have a picarto account that goes by the name Nfl8Industries (I thought it sounded official back then).  I don't use it to stream, because with the software I use to draw that would be impossible.  Just thought I should let you know in case you ever see my that name in the user list :)


Heyo Bucko! Thanks for the watching! Hope to have some stuff up soon ^^
Mon May 22, 2017, 2:13 PM
thanks for dat watch
Sun Jul 10, 2016, 2:52 PM


Mar 20, 2018
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Mar 20, 2018
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Mar 20, 2018
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Mar 20, 2018
3:39 am
Mar 20, 2018
12:12 am



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